The Esther Be Society is a new outlook on how women look at themselves and the world. What if there was no longer a societal acceptance of shame, guilt, and fear?  What if we could change the world by how women connect and walk with other women?

We share our stories, we listen to each other’s stories, and we inspire other women to share their own stories.  We, at The Esther Be Society believes a societal shift can happen.  Moving from Me Too to NO MORE.

Join us on our journey to transform societies and cultures – be a part of this global revolution.  This grass roots movement starts with you.  So, let’s find out who you are!  First, we do this through the StrengthsFinder Assessment and the Enneagram – to give us a baseline.  Once, these two assessments are taken – then you fill out some ‘about you’ questions.

The Esther Be Society first steps are to identify your amazingness of truths and then to discard the lies you have been telling yourself.  If we knock down the wall of lies surrounding us, then there will be no alternative than for the world to shift, because we will be free.