What if you could look into the eyes of women on the street and read their stories?  What if you could see their trials and triumphs?  Their shame and joy?  Their hard-won wisdom?  And what if you realized it was not so different from your own?

What if women would gather together and just Be who they wanted to Be at their core?  ALL women are invited to our gatherings, yes ALL Women!  Ladies, we need to sit side by side with each other, we need to open our hearts and minds, we need to be vulnerable with each other, we are each other’s me too’s.  Each of us has shame, guilt, and fear, but what if you took the next step out of that exile, and released it?

We are freaking awesome human beings, and we need each other – so let’s sit next to each other, shoulder to shoulder and not let shame be the underground poison of our lives.

At Esther Be we encourage and empower women to lead their generations out of exile through the release of shame, guilt, and fear by encouraging them to rise.

The next Esther Be Gathering is at the Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, October 14th 9am-5pm

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