The Esther Be Society was founded in 2016 in response to getting to the root cause of HIV in Africa, after our founder, Stacy Sallmen visited an African Village and saw no women her age (mid 30’s), she soon realized that the majority of those women had passed away from AIDS and thousands of children were orphaned.  Soon, Stacy got to the root cause of HIV, the societal stigma of shame on women in the culture.  This shame is the reason women do not get tested for HIV until they are either pregnant or on their death bed; both too late.  Fear, guilt, and shame are orphan-makers – but what if it could be different?

At The Esther Be Society, our goal and pursuit is to connect women to lead our generations out of exile through the release of shame, guilt and fear.  Connecting with women in 196 countries, The Esther Be Society seeks to understand what type of society each woman lives in, associating their societal stigma to shame, guilt, and fear, then asking what they believe the root cause of that stigma is, each country is different in some way.  This information allows us to participate in transforming the world for women.  For example:  fear keeps women in abusive relationships.  It keeps us bound to self-defeating patterns and causes illness.  Shame prevents women who have been raped from seeking help.  Guilt lays such an exhaustive burden on us, we aren’t allowing ourselves to connect with each other.  So, let’s find our way out of the shadows cast by fear, guilt, and shame and into healing with light, love, and connection.

The Esther Be Society is not only a pursuit but also sustainable throughout the world, specifically customizing the gathering to each group of women to their culture, root cause, and country by providing a safe environment, community, and next step care for women.  The Esther Be Society is a new approach, new outlook, a new society on what could be if women rid themselves of shame, fear, and guilt.  

Have you felt lead to a specific country?  A specific cause?  What if you would take YOU + JESUS + YOUR TRIBE + ESTHER BE SOCIETY and step into another group of women in the country you feel called?  You become an unstoppable force of love and the gospel.  One of our goals at The Esther Be Society is to connect developed countries to developing countries.  Ladies, there is a lot we can learn from each other – so, we have formed Sister Cities.  Where will you call your Sister City? 

Each gathering is locally lead, has local women sharing their stories, and local champions are available for next step care.  For example, in Africa – onsite HIV clinics will be available, in the United States – Counselors, Therapists, 12 Step Recovery Leaders will be onsite, again – each gathering is different.

The Esther Be Society is not a test and abandon concept, it is an accept and empower revolution; our dream is to partner with women, therapists, doctors, and organizations on the ground in the 196 countries to empower local women. We don’t stop there. Our pursuit at The Esther Be Society is to equip women in countries to no longer live with societal shame, guilt, or fear, and empower them to take the next step towards freedom and be champions for their own women, to rise out of exile.