Esther Be loves their Champions!

Our Champions are the ones that are doing the work to empower women around the world. Champions are individuals, partner organizations and/or companies.  Champions are defenders, supporters, and fighters!

Are you a therapist, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a counselor, a coach?  Do you have a mother’s heart?  Are you a construction worker?  Are you a yogi?  Are you a healer?  Are you an activator?  Are you a lover of people?  Are you a prayer warrior?  Are you a defender of vulnerable children?   Are you doing amazing stuff?  Do you want to do amazing stuff?  Do you have skills, and talents that you want to use for good?  Do you want to be a Champion for another woman?

If you would love to Be a Champion with Esther Be, please click on connect, and follow the prompts!

At Esther Be, we have been asked if we accept sponsors and sponsorships…Esther Be does not accept sponsors or sponsorships and this is why…by definition a sponsor:  one who assumes responsibility for some other person or thing;  (although good intentions…this is not empowering others; it is supporting others – big difference)  and a sponsorship:  a person or an organization that pays for or plans and carries out a project or activity (our women are not projects or an activity to check off your list).  

AND, this is why we have Champions!  A Champion is a warrior, fighter, advocate, a defender, one that does battle, and a winner – at Esther Be we believe there is a big difference – and we desire Champions!