All of us experience moments in our lives.  Every Single One of Us!

The moments that Esther Be is asking you to step into are significant and ones that are not taken lightly.  But, these moments will change your life, they will lift your burden, they will give you freedom!  We want to walk in step with you, and celebrate with you.  We want to participate in your life – but only if you want us to.

We want to meet you with open arms where you are!  

Take a moment, look down at your feet – where are you?  Where are you right now…in this moment?  Not location but Spirit of Soul.

Do you want to gather with us?   Then, please accept our open-arm invitation to an Esther Be Gathering.

Are you ready to take your first step out of exile?  To acknowledge some past moments that have stayed unwelcome too long?  Moments that are keeping you from being the brilliant human you are?  Are you ready to step into territory that is unknown to you?

Or have you been doing the work?  Walking the identified trails of life ready to release it all?  Ready to release the burden and baggage of shame, guilt and fear?  

We are not asking you to be perfect in this – we aren’t, no one is; but we are asking you to release whatever it is that has been holding you back from who you are meant to be, we are asking that you no longer let it be a chain around your ankles.

Or, could it be, that your soul is on fire to empower and encourage other women?  Are you owning who you are?  Are you letting yourself feel?  Are you trusting yourself?  Are you a beautiful and mighty warrior that wants to help other women feel like you do?    Then, let’s empower women together.

We’ll ask the question again, where are you standing right now?  

Ruth Haley Barton shares that “the soul is the part of you that is the most real.  The part of you that exists beyond any role, good deed, title, notoriety, failure, or challenge.  The soul is the part of you that longs for the more.  It stirs underneath all of it.  The soul is the only thing that will sustain you for the long haul.”    

How is your Spirit of Soul?  Craving the real you?  Longing for more?