2018 | Chibuluma, Zambia

As Sister Cities, Indianapolis, Indiana and Chibulumba, Zambia will be supportive of each other in various ways, and this is the intention of this Giving Circle.

The first Esther Be gathering was held in Indianapolis, Indiana this past April, and our desire is to gather in Zambia with the 137 HIV+ women of Chibulumba.  We got to the root cause of HIV, the societal stigma of shame on women in the culture. This shame is the reason women do not get tested for HIV until they are either pregnant or on their death bed. Fear, guilt, and shame are orphan-makers.  By encouraging, empowering, and supporting these women to share their stories in Chibulumba our hope is that they become support for their women.

Monies from this Giving Circle will allow Esther Be to:

–  Conduct onsite HIV testing prior to the gathering
–  Purchase land for a Women’s Rising Center in Chibulumba
–  Work with the Zambians to build the Women’s Rising Center
–  Conduct our first Esther Be Gathering in Chibulumba, Zambia in 2018
–  Connect doctor’s, therapists, nurses in Kitwe to Chibulumba for ongoing medical, spiritual, and mental support.
–  Indianapolis Esther Be Gathering 2018
– Provide Gathering Scholarships to women who are not able to pay the ticket price
– On the ground support for Indianapolis and Zambia

If you would like to give click on the Indianapolis/Zambia Giving Circle link.  If you would like to travel with the team to India please fill out the connect information.  Thank you!